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  • 150th Anniversary New Zealand Shipping Company


    Expressions of Interest in the reunion are now open. Please contact the President by email (Address on Contact Page above) if you are interested in attending the Reunion.

    It is planned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the New Zealand Shipping Company with a reunion in the early part of 2023. It is planned to hold the reunion jointly, in both New Zealand and the U.K. Date and venue(s) to be announced shortly. All those that worked for the New Zealand Shipping Company and their partners, are invited to attend.

NZ Shipping Company Assn

Welcome to the web site of The New Zealand Shipping Company Assn. (Incorporated), dedicated to the memory of the NZSCo and FSNCo.

The Shipping Company existed during the golden period of British Merchant Service. Passenger, Cargo and Cadet ships concentrated on shipping the produce of Australasia for a hundred years.

The Company existed from 1873 - 1971 with the last ships being disposed of in 1983. FSNCo existed as shipowner from 1894 - 1983.

The Association consists of former employees of the NZSCo. and Federal Steam Navigation Co. (FSNCo).

Social gatherings take place from time to time and the Newsletter "Crossed Flags" is sent to all financial members.

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The joining fee is currently NZ$12.50, Australia $A12.00, UK £8.00, Europe €9.00. & Canada $Can 13.00. The slightly higher overseas costs are to cover overseas postage from NZ.

Annual subscriptions are currently set at zero.

We hope you enjoy the history and share your memories. Why not add your name to our database and contact old friends and shipmates.

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