The New Zealand Shipping Company Assn. (Inc.)


The objects of the Association endeavour:-

  1. To provide a social platform for former employees of the NZSCo and FSNCo. to meet.
  2. To foster, promote and encourage interest amongst members of the Association and others in the history and ships of the New Zealand Shipping Company Ltd.


The members of the Society shall be:

  1. All persons who at the date of the adoption of these Rules are members of The New Zealand Shipping Company Association (Incorporated) and who have paid their annual subscription to the end of the current year, and who in all other respects is eligible for membership; and
  2. All persons who shall hereafter be duly elected as members provided that they were formerly employed by the New Zealand Shipping Company Ltd or the Federal Steam Navigation Company Ltd. either: - Sea based or Shore Based

New members shall be admitted to the Society upon the Association's receipt of completed application and joining fee.

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