The New Zealand Shipping Company Assn. (Inc.)


Group "B" NZSCo Passenger Liners 1883-1912

Group "C" NZSCo Cargo Steamships 1883-1912

Group "D" FSNCo Steamships 1893-1912

Group "E" Cargo Combined Fleet 1911-1917

Group "F" Cargo Newly Built 1918-1925

Group "G" Cargo Ships Acquired 1920-1925

MCVs 1930s Lost WWII

NZSCo Various

Group "A" NZSCo Sailing Ships

NZSCo and FSNCo Passenger Liners in service after World War II

Federal Line "Wild Reefers"

Motor Cargo Vessels of the 1960s

Federal Tankers

Motor Cargo vessels of the 1950s

Newly built Cargo vessels of the post war 1940s

Cargo Vessels built 1935-1945

Empires & Liberty Ships

Pre 1935 Cargo vessels that survived World War II